River Cruising

  What is River Cruising?

When you say the words luxury cruising, most people often think of large cruise ships that sail in the oceans. These large cruises often take you to tropical destinations or beautiful ports in Europe, Canada or Alaska. However, ocean cruises are not the only types of cruises that are available. There is also a term called river cruising that involves sailing on smaller cruise ships up and down some of the largest rivers in the world. If you have never heard of river cruising before, here is some of the information you need to know.

River cruising involves sailing on some of the larger rivers in the world. Rivers played an important role in society, as the rivers allowed trade to happen among various cultures that lived near rivers. As such, many large countries, and many older countries, are positioned on and around rivers. On river cruises, the cruise ships take you to river ports where you can visit some of these countries. There are luxury cruising experiences and then that are other cruising options that are more modest, based on the budget you have. If you are looking to travel to a country such as Brazil or Africa, taking a river cruise may allow you to see a variety of different cities during the course of your visit.

Luxury cruising and river cruising can go hand in hand. The right tour guide can help you to plan out a great cruise which includes the ports that most interest you on your trip. Here at K3 Travel, our travel agents have experience in both river and ocean cruises. Email or call us today and let us get to work helping you to identify and book the ideal cruise for you.