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Quick Travel Guide | Bequia

With its feet firmly planted in the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Bequia is completely surrounded by beauty. Capture the true essence of this pocket-sized paradise with a quiet walk along its sun-kissed beaches, and watch as the waves execute their best performances.  Lined with tall trees dripping with tropical fruit and picturesque rustic villages, its landscape proudly showcases the heritage that has shaped Bequia, Grenadines into becoming one of the most cultural destination spots.  For tourists in dire need of relaxation, do not miss the opportunity to bask on an island, where warmth and nature are never far behind.  So grab your swimsuit and visit this charming location filled with fun in the sun.

Experiencing Bequia

From the Arawaks to French settlers, Bequia attracted many foreign groups who were drawn to the island’s fertile grounds and abundant supply of seafood.  However, as a British colony, the island became a producer of cotton as well as sugar.   Bequia is situated in the northernmost section of the Grenadines in the Caribbean.  With the islands of St. Vincent and Mustique in its backyard, trading remained relatively easy.  Nevertheless, when St. Vincent and the Grenadines gained its independence in 1979, Bequia began to thrive from its tourism and fishing industries. With such an active maritime, its locals are excitedly waiting for you to step foot on the rich soil and learn about its colorful culture.  Explore the pristine waters and discover an aquatic world of colorful reefs and exotic marine animals right at your fingertips.  There are also many hiking tours leading visitors to Bequia’s unique features and iconic attractions.

Bequia Island

Bequia is also a shopper’s heaven.  Areas like the Lower Bay Village and Port Elizabeth are known for their chic boutiques and stalls decorated with genuine “made in Bequia” souvenirs.  From swimwear to knickknacks, there are many treasures lurking behind every door.  Enjoy warm nights under the stars with sand at your feet.  Shake the cool ocean water off, and visit the local bars that are quietly speckled along the beaches, where natives are ready and willing to quench your pallet with the island’s signature treats and beverages.

Bequia's Food

Let your senses lead you to the culinary experience of a lifetime.  The restaurants of Bequia offer a flavor for every taste bud.  Foods like roti (potato with your choice of meat wrapped in pita-like pastry), lobster, steak, fish, and conch are uniquely simmered in curry and other West Indian spices.  With the sounds of steel bands, calypso music, or international hits playing in the background; while overlooking miles of tropical sceneries, the gastronomy of Bequia is impeccable.

Bequia's Weather

Bequia experiences a tropical monsoon climate.  During the months of August to September (warm season), the temperature averages from a low of 86°F and rises to a high of 90 °F.  In January to March (cold season), the weather fluctuates between a low of 75 °F to a high of 86 °F.

The pleasant weather makes traveling on this pintsized island enjoyable.   Bequia is accessible via connecting flights from Grantley Adams International Airport in Barbados.  Inter-Island ferries are available for tourists who would like to explore the neighboring island of St. Vincent.  Water taxis are a thrilling way to sail the majestic sea while traveling within the island.  Dollar vans are inexpensive and also a great way to mingle with Bequains. Also, taxis provide a more flexible means of transportation.  Nonetheless, soak up the sun, meet new people, and enjoy long walks around Bequia’s diverse landscape.

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