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Quick Travel Guide | Bath

Retrace the steps of the ancient Romans and discover a world of complete tranquility.  You are cordially invited to journey to the past and visit one of the main attractions of Bath, the historic Roman Baths.  Upon your arrival, you will be taken on a Romanesque adventure as you walk on the old cobblestone that conceals 2000-year-old secrets, learns about the infamous hot spring, and drink the miraculous water from the fountain of the magnificent Pump Room. While exploring the unique sceneries, you cannot miss the opportunity to observe the sacred ruins of the adorning temple and glance at the exhibitions of the museum.  This site is truly an open history book of the exquisite lifestyle from an interesting era.  The Roman Baths are the perfect reasons why Bath, England is an extraordinary destination. The combinations of history, nature, and architecture make Bath one of the most enchanting cities in the world.

Experiencing Bath

Bath is a World Heritage site and city in England, Europe.  It is painted with landscapes of picturesque gardens, majestic architectural décor, and monumental jewels that offer a glance into the city’s profound heritage. This Georgian and Roman town bursts at the seams with culture and provides a whirlwind of thrills from outdoor adventures to artistic pleasures.  Strikingly beautiful and full of architectural majesty, The Circus is a historical landmark and its structure manifests the importance of the influence of art.  The city’s interesting museums attract many people with their exhibitions of artifacts relating to a wide variety of topics and eras such as fashion, the postal service, coal mines, the renaissance, and American and Asian civilization. Since 1499, the majestic Bath Abbey is a sacred, medieval masterpiece in Bath.  It is also decorated with an ancient tower, and visitors are encouraged to climb its 212 steps and capture a birds-eye view of Bath’s landscape in all of its glory.

Antique historic landmark Roman Baths in Bath England UK

Dotted along the cobblestone streets are Bath’s trendy shops, boutiques, and popular stores.  Everything from vintage souvenirs to brand name merchandise is located within reach.  Shop-a-holics can satisfy their desires in any of the six shopping districts or partake in events like sampling tasty chocolate treats or local produce and watching models walk the runway wearing Europe’s latest fashions.  Take a break from shopping and enjoy a sip of strong English tea at a café or wander off to a local spa.  The peaceful days are followed by an energetic night scene.  The nightlife of Bath is a great way for locals and tourists to socialize while dancing under the stars to live bands or recorded music.

Bath Food

You cannot visit the city of Bath without dining in one of its lavish restaurants, pubs, or cafes.  Bath offers a plethora of delicious selections from British delicacies to international cuisines.  Whether you choose an intimate setting or an alfresco atmosphere, the restaurants overflow with delectable dishes, sweet treats, and Europe’s trademark beverages. So delightful are the culinary temptations, they will quench the pallet of any food connoisseur.

Bath Weather

Bath experiences a humid moderate climate with no dry season.  During the warm season (May-September) the temperatures average from the 50s to the high 60s.  In the cold season (November-March) the weather ranges between the 30s and high 40s.

Bath Transportation

Bristol Airport is the city’s main gateway to other European destinations and international locations.  The Bath Spa train station services transportation to a variety of cities in Europe.  Buses are also available for travel within Bath as well as its neighboring destinations.  Buses running in Bath provide various routes to the city’s fascinating attractions and sceneries.  To travel at your own pace hire a taxi or rent a bicycle.  You can also enjoy Bath’s surroundings participating in a tour or strolling through its amazing hidden treasures.

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