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Tips for Your First Big City Trip

You’ve saved up and are all packed for your trip to the big city. However, making sure you don’t forget your toiletries is not the only thing you need to consider when traveling to a major city. If you are thinking of planning such a trip, keeping these travel tips in mind can make your vacation more enjoyable.

Go By Area

You do not want to spend all of your time driving in a major city, and traffic jams can be a nightmare. Therefore, when you are creating your itinerary, go by areas. Try grouping everything that you want to do in one area together and accomplishing it in a day. Then, move on to a new area the next day. Make the most of your plan by doing the things that are most important to you in each area early in the day. Then, if you run out of time in an area, you have left the things least vital to you undone.

Figuring Out Parking


Planning your parking strategy ahead of time can be a huge time-saver. In most areas, compact cars are easier to find parking for. Keeping that fact in mind when you rent a car can help. Additionally, take a look at how close the places that you want to visit are together. You can often find free parking at the end of your route and hike to the beginning of each area. Then, see attractions in the order that they appear on a map as you walk back towards your car.

Save on Food

Eating out can be a significant expense in a big city. Consider staying somewhere that offers free breakfast and take advantage of it before you leave your accommodation. Then, stick some fruit or a sandwich in your pocket for lunch. As you visit the different attractions, ask the workers for recommendations of nearby inexpensive food options. This gives you a chance to sample the local cuisine.

Eat your meal at the end of the day as you wait for most people to get home from work, and you will avoid the worst traffic jams (for the most part). These cafes usually have more character, and they are generally cheaper. Spend the money that you are saving on a fabulous meal once or twice during your trip.

Stay in the Right Location

If you are headed to a city that has a hotel district, you can often save lots of money by staying outside the zone. Sometimes, your alternative location may be located right across the street from the neighborhood, but you will find that you save lots of money. Even if you need to pay the same price, you may find that your money goes further, allowing you to upgrade your accommodations.

Following these simple tips will save you money and headaches when you travel to a big city. These cities are fun places to explore, so decide which one is right for you. While you may feel nervous about visiting a big city for the first time, once you start, you will want to add many big cities to your travel itinerary.

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