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The Romantic Side of Istanbul, Turkey


It’s easy to get lost in Istanbul. Whether you meandering down a twisting, cobblestone alleyway, or walking through the Istanbul Grand Bazaar, getting lost will be a part of your journey, and it may very well be your favorite part.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is split by the Bosphorus, the narrow channel that separates Europe from Asia while connecting the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara and on to the Aegean. Most visitors stay on the European side that contains old Istanbul, a land of mosques, palaces, bazaars, and ruins, where simply the names, Haghia Sophia, Spice Bazaar, Blue Mosque—paint an exotic and irresistible portrait.

As old as civilization itself, Istanbul was simply known as “The City” for millennia, for it was accepted that there was no greater, richer, or more powerful city anywhere in the world. Travel agents think it should be renamed “The Romantic City,” for Istanbul has the power to inspire souls and lift hearts like no other.

Travel agents have the power to create the perfect romantic journey to Istanbul, complete with plenty of time for you to enjoy the major sites that seem to leap out at every turn. Notoriously friendly Turkish people will gladly take a photo of you and your partner in front of any of these classic postcard icons, like the Haghia Sophia, a true wonder of the world, with its richly decorated dome that stood out as the largest in all the lands for centuries.

Istanbul, Turkey

Once your “Must-See” checklist is all checked off, you can relax and let the romantic side of Istanbul sweep you off your feet. Romance begins each night with fine dining, for Turks simply don’t dine any other way; the culinary landscape is a beauty to behold and savor. Surrounded by four seas, Turkey makes the most of fresh fish, but its culinary imagination is not limited to just aquatic creations. In fact, there are more than 100 varieties of kebabs; the hardest part is choosing.

Istanbul, Turkey

From wherever you spend the evening, the Bosphorus will glimmer beneath the moonlight, begging you to return to its waters the next day. Romantics often do return for a ferry ride down this fabled waterway of legend and myth, a swathe of blue in constant, peaceful motion, animated with ferries, sailboats, and fishermen. To Istanbulites, the Bosphorus is a treasured friend of many faces and moods, but always beautiful and winning. To you, it will become an enchanting presence, one you won’t want to forget.

Istanbul, Turkey

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Discover romantic Istanbul, with its mosque-studded skyline and unforgettable shores, and dine on cuisine so sumptuous, its only rival is the setting.

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