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The Great Barrier Reef – The Blue Outlook

Great Barrier Reef

Weightless, you float around a stack of plate corals, twisting your body in the gentle warm current to catch mere glimpses of the sea life circus. Angelfish and wrasse ease by in an effortless flow of nautical traffic, and two

Travel agents know that with over 900 islands above the sea and 1,500 species of fish below, the Great Barrier Reef is the premier destination spot for diving and snorkeling. The tropical climate and clear waters enhance the experience, creating the perfect watery atmosphere for you to gaze at and grasp every subtle color on the carapace of a loggerhead turtle swimming just within your reach.


Serious divers, the kind who wear their scuba mask to dinner because they like the way it looks, prefer live-aboard dive boats that go out for several days, visiting remote and remarkable spots. These divers can swim with minke whales at Ribbon Reef, hand-feed hordes of giant potato cods at Cod Hole, or encounter manta rays, turtles, and barracudas at the Heron Bommie.

Diving down into the depths is a great way to experience the Reef, but hardly the only way. At most places the clear water is only 10 to 20 feet deep, allowing snorkelers to soak up the entire spectrum of coral and color. Snorkeling is such a vivid environment is hallucinogenic; where shapes interact in a dazzling display of motion, highlighted with fluttering fireworks of oranges, greens, reds, and fuchsias.


Heron Island is a nature-lovers retreat, where you can step right off the sand and into coral gardens. Lizard Island visitors enjoy the magic formula of 80 divided by 24, for 80 is the maximum number of guests who can stay at the resort, and 24 is the number of idyllic beaches at their disposal. Odds are you’ll have a beach to yourself.


Many enjoy the Whitsundays, a chain of 74 islands of which only 12 are inhabited. Most are drowned mainland mountains whose peaks are all that remain above the surface following millions of years of rising waters. The Whitsunday Passage, one of the smoothest bodies of water in the world, winds between the islands, making exploration a simple pleasure.


For you to navigate the Great Barrier Reef and find your ideal vacation, just contact a trusted travel agent. A travel agent will help you explore your options and possibly save you money by combining your reef trips and accommodations into one great package. Travel agents also know the great secrets of the Reef, like which helicopter tour to take and which island-hopping expedition lands on the best beaches.

There is a lot to see around the Great Barrier Reef, both above and below the sea. Thankfully the waters here are some of the clearest in the world, with an average visibility of 65 feet. Apart from curious schools of colorful fish, there is little that will come between you and the view.

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