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The Adirondacks – Wilderness Within Reach

Imagine hiking underneath a canopy of golden and fire-orange leaves, of canoeing on a brisk stream as it empties into a pristine lake. Imagine colorful towns with idyllic shopping, spas, and resorts that redefine tranquility. Imagine a row of wooden deck chairs lined up on the soft sands of a lake, of the reflection of the mountains shimmering in the waters.

Adirondacks, Wildnerness

The Adirondacks hold a mesmerizing mix of adventure and civilization, where you can enjoy the duality of hiking to an isolated waterfall in the afternoon, only to spend the evening strolling down Main Street in Old Forge or exploring the Olympic Village at Lake Placid.

Set amid the splendor of the Adirondack Mountains, these striking grounds enchant visitors with rocky summits, ancient timberlands, and plentiful waterways. Toss in more four-star resorts than any other destination in New York State, and you can see why the Adirondacks will renew your soul like no other place on earth.

Adirondacks, Wildnerness

The unspoiled wilderness will soon spoil you with options, both adventurous and relaxing, all aimed at providing everlasting memories that will stay close to your heart. Hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, skiing, the usual pioneering pursuits are all easily accessible, yet here your enjoyment is amplified in this ideal playground.

But hiking and skiing are merely appetizers. Other Adirondack specialties to feast on include tours of Lake Placid Olympic Village, hot-air balloon rides over Glenn Falls, scenic railroad trips high in the peaks, seaplane routes to remote destinations, snowmobiling across the huge expanse of the Moose River Plains, carriage rides through Battlefield Park, shoreline cruises around Lake George, chair lifts up McCauley Mountain, ski-jumping in the tracks of great Olympians, even dog-sledding, and suddenly your itinerary is bursting with adventure.

For those who believe ski jumping should be left to professionals, allow the history of the Adirondacks to draw you in. The stories are hidden in these mountains whisper of battlegrounds of three wars, of remarkable feats during two Winter Olympic Games. Discover the wilderness estates of such captains of industry as Vanderbilt and Carnegie, titans who chose these mountains as their preferred playground during the Gilded Age. Only its glorious scenery matches the scope of the region’s legacy. 

While no one person could enjoy all the Adirondacks have to offer during one trip, one person can supply you with every option available and help you set up an itinerary that would make Lewis and Clark jealous, a travel agent.

Travel agents will gladly assist you with planning the perfect Adirondack adventure, but ask them about your lodging options and watch their eyes light up. From rustic to lavish, a slew of accommodations awaits all travelers, complete with the Adirondack chairs and feather beds your body will crave after a full day of exploring.

If style and luxury is the therapy you need, try one of the many resorts nestled amid the rolling mountains. With lakeside views that instantly relieve your eyes of stress, a typical Adirondack resort appears atypical to the world, with championship golf courses, European-style spas, grand country charm, sandy beaches in the summer, ice-skating in the winter, and arresting beauty all year round.

Or step out of the hot tub and into the outhouse (metaphorically, of course) by staying in a log cabin ideally tucked away among the trees. With their wide wood beams and old stone fireplaces, these country cabins provide the perfect doorway into the wild.

Adirondacks, Couple Enjoying Time

Simply put, the Adirondacks are breathtaking, both in the scenery and in vigorousness.

Forever wild, while seamlessly complimented by small towns and resorts, the Adirondacks is your wilderness within reach. Find a travel agent to help you plan your ideal getaway in the Adirondacks.

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