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Quick Travel Guide | Cusco

The heartbeat of the Inca Empire, Cusco is one of the most precious jewels of Peru.  This unique city attracts a multitude of tourists who fall madly in love with its fascinating culture, enclosed by the mystical Peruvian Andes.  From the baroque architectonic structures standing at attention, to its historically beautified museums, the attractions of Cusco, Peru are truly a feast for the eyes.  Explorers will be delighted to stumble across its classical antiquities, which outpour their thick fragrances of the past on whoever glances in their direction.  Come discover this ancient home of the Incas, and bask in all of its archaeological and natural wonders.

Experiencing Cusco

Stretched along the Huatanay river valley, Cusco (or Cuzco) is the capital of the region as well as the province bearing its name.   For many years this city has played a significant role in Peru’s history as the capital of the Inca Empire during the 13th century.  According to the Incas, Cusco was the “Naval of the World”; and based on the evidence left from its emblematic highlights, many tourists come to see if this was actually true.  Its narrow pathways blaze the trail to the world’s most exquisite sights mixed with Cusco’s Inca and Spanish heritage.

Cusco, Peru

Whether cultural or adventurous, the city’s thrill leaves nothing to the imagination.  The Basilica Cathedral of Cusco is a classic display of Renaissance and Baroque style architecture.  After 50 years of hard work, the ruins of the Sacsayhuaman give insight into Cusco’s early civilization with interesting remains.  The Qorikancha also magnetizes many with its stone-like structure and its preservations of a church in addition to the convent of Santo Domingo.

Peruvians know how to have fun.  From festivals to an adrenaline-pumping nightlife, you are generously invited to partake in the festivities.  By night, the streets become a social atmosphere for party-goers looking for a night on the town.  Follow the vibrations of music and head to the local hot spots offering Peru’s trademark beverages under an electrifying ambiance.  For a quieter evening, spas provide relaxation with body treatments and massages.

Food in Cusco

Cusco also celebrates its culture with mouthwatering cuisines.   Descended from its multicultural backgrounds, the culinary treats are a delight for every food lover.  Delicacies like juane (cassava, rice, chicken, and eggs), pollo a la brasa (chilli, fries, and salad dressing), and cebiche (fish, chilli, and onions), just to name a few are, are some of the delicious foods found in Cusco’s restaurants.

Weather in Cusco

Cusco experiences a mild temperate climate during the course of a year.  During the months of September to November (warm season) the temperature maintains an everyday high in the 60s to a low in the 40s.  From December to March (cold season), the weather fluctuates between a daily high in the mid-60s and a low within the mid-30s.

Transportation in Cusco

There are a variety of ways to retrace the steps of the Incas.  From biking to horseback riding, touring the city is an adventure in itself.  Get your adrenaline pumping atop a motor vehicle or kayak along Peru’s scenic rivers.  Local buses offer inexpensive rides throughout the city, and the Tranvia (tram) also services city tours for tourists.  Taxis are convenient but you are expected to negotiate prices.  However, Cusco can also be rediscovered by strolling through its cobblestone streets and hidden trails.

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