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South America’s Top Attractions

Brazil - Christ The Redemeer

Stretching from the US border to the icy wastes of Patagonia, South America is a continent of great scenic variety.

Top Attractions

MACHU PICCHU: The most famous archaeological site in Peru, the preserved ruins of an ancient city attract a million visitors each year. The Incas constructed the citadel out of heavy stone blocks and it remained undiscovered for centuries, becoming known as the ‘Lost City of the Incas’.

Easter Island

EASTER ISLAND, CHILE: Chile’s popular spot, over 2,000 miles away from its coasts, offers a rare glimpse of one of the most isolated places on earth. You will be intrigued by the famous statues, human figures carved from the rock on the Polynesian island between the 13th and 16th centuries, the isolation, and the mysterious history of this island.

CATEDRAL DE CARACAS, VENEZUELA: Built on the ruins of a former 16th-century cathedral, this is one of the most important monuments in Caracas. Located in the historic center of the city, the structure boasts an outstanding colonial-style exterior and is home to beautiful furniture, sculpture, paintings, and religious relics.

POTOSI, BOLIVIA: At 4,070 meters, Potosi is the highest city in the world and was declared a ‘cultural asset of humankind’ by UNESCO. Head to the Cerro Rico (meaning Rich Mountain) silver mine and take the elevator to 240 meters below ground to see where the precious metal has been extracted since 1545.

CHRIST THE REDEEMER, RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL: Standing atop Corcovado, the 38-meter tall statue weighing 1,145 tons is an internationally recognized icon.

SAN AGUSTIN ARCHAEOLOGICAL PARK, COLOMBIA: Visit the largest group of religious monuments and megalithic sculptures in South America at the San Agustin Archaeological Park. Created by a northern Andean culture from the 1st to the 8th century, the statues depict gods and mythical animals in realist and abstract styles.

RECOLETA CEMETERY, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA: Located in an exclusive neighborhood of Buenos Aires is this pretty necropolis where you’ll find expensive mausoleums from the aristocracy of days gone by. Among the presidents and scientists lies Eva (Evita) Peron.

QUITO, ECUADOR: Ecuador’s capital nestles in an Andean valley at an elevation of 9,000ft. Quito’s UNES CO-listed Old City is replete with narrow and winding cobblestone streets, magnificent churches, and open squares. The Metropolitan Cathedral, facing the Plaza of Independence, is one of the most important historical and architectural constructions in the center.

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