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Should You Use the Hot Tub at a Hotel?

There’s nothing more relaxing than a nice soak in a hot tub. Many hotels across the country offer hot tubs and swimming pools to help their guests as amenities. However, before you dip into that steaming hot bath, you may want to consider the health risks involved with the bubbling spa. There are a few potential health concerns when it comes to using one of those irresistible baths.

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Health Hazards

The biggest health concerns come from hot tubs that haven’t been properly cleaned, which is a common problem. Pseudomonas dermatitis, or hot tub rash, can occur after using one of these bubbling spas. However, it goes away after a couple of days. Another major issue is Legionnaires’ Disease. When you inhale the steaming waters, it can cause the legionella germ to enter your lungs. You will feel the effects of this germ about a day after being in the tub. While it isn’t fatal, the flu-like symptoms of this condition will make you feel miserable.

Hot Tubs Require Upkeep

Spas require proper upkeep. The water must be changed frequently as well as be monitored for proper chemical levels. If these levels are not maintained, then bacteria can easily develop. While most hotels try to stay on top of things, it’s not always the case. If just one chemical level is off, then the water can turn green and be dangerous for you to get in. Even clean hot tubs can create problems for some people. One of the major issues is intense itching after your lounge session is over. The so-called hot tub itch is caused by bromine that is used to clean the tub. While bromine is not dangerous, it can certainly make you uncomfortable.

Is the Pleasure Worth the Risk?

Before you get into any public hot tub, examine the water. Do you see cloudiness or tinges of green throughout the water? These clarity issues indicate that the water has not been properly monitored. Also, look around the edges of the tub where the water level stops. Do you see grit and debris? If so, skip the soak. Also, remember that you should always shower before and after using a hot tub. While chlorine can do a great deal to keep a tub clean, it’s not a miracle worker. Always examine the tub before you take a dip for your safety as hot tub rash from poorly chlorinated tubs is no fun to manage.

Finally, if you have a weakened immune system or you have other health issues, experts recommend that you don’t use a hot tub at all. If you can’t do without the warm, soothing sensation that these tubs bring, then you should consider investing in one for your home.

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