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Quick Travel Guide | Prague

Prague, Czech Republic, is a stunning European city were dropping by a corner pub for a locally brewed Czech beer is just as impressive as taking a stroll down the street to see the architectural marvels, like the Dancing House or famed Astronomical Clock. The sights and sounds of this stunning city fill visitors with nothing short of history and whimsy. Though Prague is chock-full of extravagant shopping malls, designer restaurants, and glowing martini bars, there is another side of the city that gives way to local heirlooms like the Old Jewish Cemetery and the postcard-perfect Charles Bridge.

Experiencing Prague

Though Prague can be a confusing city to navigate, most travelers don’t seem to mind, as each district is peppered with a mélange of historic castles, churches, pubs, and cafes. Mindlessly ambling around this city is bound to bring you to the doorsteps of an unforgettable museum or the windows of an artisan boutique. The dominating presence in the skyline is the Prague Castle (Praysky Hrad), which is a massive complex of houses, churches, galleries, courtyards, and gardens. Old Town Square is a focal point for all tourists, with its horse-drawn carriages, churches, monuments, and outdoor restaurants, along with the city’s largest Christmas Market in December of each year. In addition to the dozens of museums, including the Czech National Gallery, Kafka House, Czech Museum of Fine Arts, and the Jewish Museum, attractions like the Prague Zoo and the Charles University Botanical Garden are draws for tourists from across the globe.

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With a national diet largely based around pork and beef, Prague cuisine is hearty and always filling. Though largely European in restaurant variety, in recent years the city has started to expand and diversify with new eateries popping up serving Belgian, Mexican, and vegetarian cuisine. The city has a love affair with beer and it’s for good reason: it’s made locally and exceptionally well. Beyond the sidewalk cafes, corner pubs, neighborhood joints, and high-end restaurants, the people of Prague love their late-night street-side, fast food vendors. Instead of McDonald's (which are also available), the Czechs opt for hot dogs, pork sausage, and other varieties of meat in tube-form.

Prague Transportation

Located 30 minutes northwest of the city, Prague’s main airport is Ruzyne International (PRG). Prague is renowned to be a highly walkable city, as many attractions within Old Town, the Palace District, and Wenceslas Square are all within short distances from each other. The main forms of public transportation are the tram and metro, and tickets are sold at kiosks and within terminal stations. Taxis are available, but prices should be negotiated beforehand. Many parts of the city have cobbled streets, so other preparations for handicapped and elderly travelers should be made ahead of time.

Prague Weather

Prague is classified as having an oceanic climate with warm summers and cold, often snowy winters. The average high temperature for the warmest month of August is 75.9° F (24.4° C), while the coldest month of January has an average low of 30° F (-1.1° C). The best time to visit Prague is during the spring and summer months, though it is also beautiful in the wintertime, with its snowcapped churches and festive spirit.

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