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New York City Travel: Celebrating the City That Never Sleeps

Statue of Liberty National Monument, New York
Statue of Liberty National Monument, New York

Dipped in a little romance, adventure, and culture the New York City travel experience is supercharged with adrenaline, glamour, beauty, and history. It’s the quintessential American destination for all visitors, from East Coast to West Coast and abroad. Even under the highest expectations, New York charms you in a way that no other city can. As you plan your travel to New York City, prepare to discover styles that are quickly changing and a way of life that’s constantly in motion. This destination contains a contrast of communities and an endless stream of personalities that will leave you with both surprise and fascination.

New York City Travel

Your New York City travel adventure will be quite a walk on the wild side. You’ll be able to indulge your adventurous side as you make your way through the historical neighborhoods and chic local spots including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, New York. No matter what you envisioned after seeing it in your favorite movies and shows, New York is the destination you must experience yourself before deciding. This article offers a small sample of the exciting places and things to do that are waiting for you.

Manhattan, New York: Heart of the Big Apple

New York City Travel - Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, New York
Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty, New York

What better place to start than the famous Statue of Liberty, the iconic symbol of democracy and freedom that has proudly stood 152 feet high on Liberty Island since 1886. Take a New York City travel tour of Ellis Island, eye-opening experience of the nation’s historic immigration station that received 12 million immigrants. According to the U.S. Department of the Interior, more than 40 percent of America’s population can trace their ancestry through Ellis Island (National Park Services, 2008).

Midtown, New York is home to the biggest tourist landmarks, from the artistic center of Greenwich Village to the big-league theaters on Broadway. Take 42nd Street to visit the New York Public Library guarded by stone lions; the beaux-arts Grand Central Terminal; Rockefeller Center; and the ornamental Chrysler Building. Around the corner, the Empire State Building towers 1,000 feet above New York. After dark, the entire building is illuminated by themed light displays for every occasion. Get the grand view from the observatory deck on the 86th floor. It’s not hard to fall in love here, just as many did watching An Affair to Remember and Sleepless in Seattle (where this pavilion was the romantic setting).

Little Italy, New York

Although it’s swarming with crowds all year round, travel to New York City’s Times Square once in your lifetime. The bright lights from the large digital displays will sparkle in your eyes, and you’ll run into many street performers. You’ll conveniently find two of New York’s most delicious neighborhoods just a few blocks away from one another. Little Italy is lined with old fashioned delis and cheese shops on Canal and Grand Streets. Continue along Mott Street towards the busy crowds of Chinatown, where masses of shoppers are aggressively haggling at street carts, herbal shops, food markets, and silk clothing shops.

Brooklyn & Queens, New York: Urban Culture across the East River

Next, take the famous Brooklyn Bridge to the exceedingly populous district of Brooklyn, New York. In Brooklyn Heights, you’ll find historic neighborhoods where Truman Capote, Arthur Miller, and Walt Whitman lived. The community has been known for carrying on the tradition of fine arts for centuries. You can find the Brooklyn Philharmonic and Next Wave Festival at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, or visit the ancient and contemporary masterpieces on display at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Pay a visit to Crown Heights, the largest Jewish community shared with West-Indian Americans in Brooklyn, New York.

Dining in New York

Covering only 115 square miles of the city, Queens is a largely diverse borough. Its seven subway stops, nicknamed “the International Express,” represent a major part of the immigrant experience and has been designated as part of the National Millennium Trail. You’ll find a fantastic Little India in addition to a foodie’s paradise of the best Peruvian, Greek, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Italian, and Puerto Rican cuisines. You could spend your evening at a variety of cultural spots on the same block such as a Spanish theater, a Romanian nightspot, or an Irish pub. The wide range of ethnic groups creates a unique and exciting flavor to Queens, New York.

The Bronx & Staten Island, New York: Fun & Sun Favorites

New York City Travel - Coney Island Roller Coaster New York City
Coney Island Roller Coaster New York City

Coney Island, New York

In late spring and summer, when the weather is brilliantly warm and relaxing, New York is all the rage. On the southern seaboard of Brooklyn in New York, families adore the Children’s Museum and the Aquarium, which puts on daily dolphin shows on the boardwalk. In addition to a sandy beachfront, Coney Island is the stage for the summer’s most sought-after Cyclone roller coaster, rides, and games. You may also want to soak up some rays or enjoy the slower pace nearby at Rockaway Beach and Bath Beach.

The Bronx, New York is the only part attached to the mainland, containing a plethora of green parkland and seaboard activities for outdoor-loving vacationers. Largely remnant of the woodlands that once covered the entire city, the New York Botanical Garden is well known for its vast specialty gardens. On the corner of Jerome and Broadway Avenues, Van Cortlandt Park is a popular venue for boating, golf, cricket, and picnics. If you’re on the west bank of the Hudson River, you’ll be met with a superb glance at the Palisades Cliffs and hilly enclave of estates in the picture-perfect neighborhood of Riverdale.

If you start your trip on Staten Island, you can enjoy an unobstructed tour of Manhattan by water. Take the essential New York tour aboard the free Staten Island Ferry, and gain fantastic views of Lower Manhattan. The main route will go through the harbor past the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Governors Island. While visiting Staten Island, you’ll find it has multiple botanical gardens to boast — including the Connie Gretz Secret Garden, modeled after the 1909 children’s classic. For a little taste of local history, travel to Hamilton Park, a restful region with rows of Victorian mansions from the Civil War era. Look for Longfellow Street, where you’ll see two Tudor-style homes that appeared on screen in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather.

Make every minute count on your next vacation. Travel to New York City, one of the hottest cities in America, where many travelers have gotten their first taste and keep coming back for more! Discover the different ways you can make your New York City travel adventure the most memorable. Use a local ASTA travel agent, who will put his experience and passion to great use by customizing your vacation any way you want it.

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