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Most Popular Second Honeymoon Destinations


In its “Hot Spots for Summer” survey, ASTA polled 585 travel agency owners and managers to determine the most popular second honeymoon destinations and uncover other emerging travel trends.

RankMost Popular Second Honeymoon Destinations % Share of Total Response1

Hawaii 24.42 Cruise 11.63 Caribbean 8.44 Jamaica 7.85 Cancun 7.16 Europe 5.87 Italy 3.78 Mexico 3.59 Tahiti 3.210 St. Lucia 3.0

“Agents typically recognize travel trends long before anyone else,” said Cheryl Hudak, CTC, ASTA’s former President, and CEO. “However, ASTA conducts these surveys to keep all of its members informed, especially those who specialize in one or two specific areas of travel and are generally less affected by trends. When agents are aware of current consumer demands, they are able to prepare and assist any client regardless of their travel expertise.”

According to respondents, Hawaii was the most popular second honeymoon destination with a an 24.4 percent share of the total response. While Hawaii can be more expensive than other destinations, respondents reported that money was less of a determining factor for couples who were taking a second honeymoon destination, compared to couples taking their first.

Cruising was ranked number two, with an 11.6 percent share of the total response. Respondents routinely book cruises for second honeymooners because this type of vacation offers variety, convenience, and, on-shore excursions, dining and shopping excluded, an all-inclusive package. The third most popular second honeymoon destination, the Caribbean, also offers travelers endless options due to the number of islands that comprise this tourist-friendly oasis.

Jamaica and Cancun, ranked fourth and fifth respectively, rounded out the top five most popular second honeymoon destinations. Although in the bottom half of the top 10, Europe, ranked number six, and Italy, ranked number seven, proving that interest in European vacations is still strong despite the current weakness of the US dollar. With a 3.5 percent share of the total response, Mexico claimed the number eight position. Tahiti, with 3.2 percent, and St. Lucia, with 3.0 percent of the total response, fell into ninth and tenth place respectively.

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