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Warm, vibrant, and beautiful, only begins to sum up the essence of South America.  From the mystique of the Amazon Jungle to Peru’s remarkable Machu Picchu, the continent is blessed with a diversity of attractions, imprinted with the footprints of its namesake Amerigo Vespucci, inhabitants, and many other individuals from all walks of life.  South America beats to the sound of its own drum, as colorful rhythms make their way through its façade during Brazil’s Carnival and Inti Raymi in Ecuador.  Its passionate locals also make this continent a pleasant surprise, welcoming you with open hearts to explore their culture.  It is easy to become entranced by South America, where its hidden treasures of undiscovered territories, pristine beaches, archeological findings, and natural wonders make their way to the forefront of the continent’s highlights.

South America is the fourth largest of earth’s continents, stretching from the Gulf of Darien to the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego.  It is the prime destination for travelers seeking a natural playground, immersed by the melodious spirits of fiestas bouncing off of the dramatic cliffs of the Andes. With an array of adventures appearing along its vast landscape, its sites can enlighten even the most mundane traveler.  Its unforgettable memories include trekking the Inca Trail, scuba diving in Colombia’s Caribbean blue, climbing the jagged rocks of the Colca Canyon, as well as basking in the spray of the Iguaza Falls, which are also among the different ways South America shows off its unique beauty for all to see.   It is also a cultural phenomenon, enticing food lovers with the best eats from Argentina’s grilled temptations, Brazil’s tapioca pancakes, Peru’s ceviche, in addition to Ecuador’s tropical fruits. 

With approximately three-quarters of South America’s landscape set below the Equator, the continent experiences its warm season during the months of December to March, with the weather averaging around the mid-70s to a low in the mid-60s.  During its winter months of June to September, the temperature fluctuates between a high in the mid-60s to a low within the 50s.  However, Amazon’s climate is typically humid and hot whilst its high altitude locations experience mild temperatures.

South America is accessible through its international airports in Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, as well as Peru.  Domestic flights also make traveling between its countries fast and easy.  With many bus routes, South America’s array of cities can also be reached via bus.

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