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Learn More About Aqaba, Jordan's Gateway to the Red Sea

Imagine a place where you are warmly greeted by the sun and by friendly faces waiting to say, Ahlan wa Sahlan (Welcome).  The mesmerizing Red Sea is at arm’s length, while picturesque mountainsides can be seen in the near distance.  Away from the sea, lies the golden desert, where the blends of beauty and mystery are visibly noticeable through its thick presence. The diverse landscape of Aqaba, Jordan offers a plethora of electrifying adventures.  Whether you choose to relax on the beach or explore the iconic landmarks, you cannot escape the natural wonders that make this location a luxurious getaway. Therefore, Aqaba is an exotic destination and an enjoyable feast for all five senses.

Glistening at the tip of the Red Sea lays Aqaba, a coastal city in Jordan.  With the Red Sea linking Aqaba to other countries, the city served as a major trading center for Jordan.  However, the vast ocean is also home to a host of activities from sailing to snorkeling among the bright colored fish.  Besides a vibrant maritime, Aqaba celebrates its history with preservations of iconic jewels that sparkle throughout its surroundings.  The ancient ruins of Aqaba Castle and Al Humayma are memoirs of the city’s rich heritage.  Since the city is deeply rooted in a religious background, there is an array of churches and mosques that can be seen dotted along the cobblestone streets.  The Archeological Museum also serves as an open history book with its numerous collections of artifacts.

Aqaba is definitely a shopper’s paradise.  From skillful creations to designer goods, customers will be pleased to find whatever they are looking for.  The spice shops overflow with the powerful scents of ginger, cumin, and saffron.  Sand handicrafts are creative pieces of art relating to the Jordanian culture. The souk and shops are ideal for obtaining authentic Aqaba souvenirs such as candles, carpets, and purses; while the malls are great for purchasing international merchandise.  For a little sparkle, the gold market shines with interesting jewelry.  With a cup of coffee or a sweet delicacy, the shopping experience of Aqaba is a cultural venture. Dance under the stars to lively music at the city’s adrenaline pumping nightspots.

For a taste of the Aqabawi culture, head to the trendy restaurants.  Sink your teeth into Arabic culinary temptations like kishnah, bukhari, fresh seafood, humus, rice; as well as a variety of signature beverages flavored Jordanian style.  The restaurants burst at the seams with the aromas of traditional dishes meticulously prepared in authentic spices that will delight your taste buds.  Let your taste buds indulge in foods so wonderful, you will beg for more.

Aqaba's Transportation

Aqaba’s endless supply of enjoyable weather makes navigating through its landscape a pleasant experience.  King Hussein International Airport is the city’s main gateway to other Jordanian cities as well as destinations around the world.  Ferries are available to travel to Aqaba’s neighboring cities in Jordan.  Buses provide transportation to various spots in the city.  Taxis are flexible and bargaining the price is expected before getting into the car.  In addition, with a 30-45 minute drive, you will be able to see the sights in Amman as well as other nearby treasures.

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