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How Common Are Plane Accidents, Really?

A fear of flying is something that affects many people across the globe. It can be difficult to imagine traveling above the clouds and trusting that the pilot, crew and craft are going to get you across on ocean or even just across a city safely. However, much of the apprehension surrounding flying is based more on emotion than it is in fact.

Crashes Are Very Rare

It is always frightening and tragic to hear about a plane crash. It can make people who deal with flight anxiety wonder if they will be next. However, part of the reason plane crashes are so sensational when they do happen is their rarity. In the United States alone, over 7,000 commercial planes are in operation as part of the full aircraft inventory, and the FAA handles about 44,000 flights daily. Even with all of this traffic and the logistics that go into it, only 15 commercial flights reported fatal accidents in 2018, according to the Aviation Safety Network. That’s out of thousands of daily flights with craft capable of carrying dozens or hundreds of passengers.

Potential Plane Complications

The risks of encountering smaller, non-fatal issues aboard your aircraft while it is in flight are greater than it actually crashing or otherwise causing a fatality. According to Abels & Annes, P.C. a plane does not have to crash or strike another object for passengers to be at risk of injuries. However, remember that the safety and security checks pre-flight are mandatory and very rigorous. A host of engineers and other ground crew check planes before and after each flight. Complications are usually caught before the plane takes off. A flock of birds can cause damage to the outside of the aircraft, and turbulence can bounce passengers and objects in the plane around a bit, causing injury if you’re not careful.

What to Do if You Experience a Plane Accident

If the unlikely happens and you find yourself in the midst of a plane crash, there are steps you can take to minimize risk, according to International Insurance. Be sure to listen to all of the instructions the flight crew gives you before taking off and any special instructions if something happens. Note that most fatalities occur after the crash due to fire and smoke, so you should try to wear non-flammable clothing.

 Flying can be one of the safest, quickest and most enjoyable ways to see the world, meet up with friends and family or make that business meeting on time. Rigorous safety standards, hundreds of daily checks and many advancements in aerospace technology are all working together to make the airline industry safer and more convenient for everyone.

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