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Central Europe Travel: The Cultural Paths from Budapest to Berlin

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Although steeped in legends of past days, central Europe isn’t living in it. You’ll be fascinated to find a great burst of energy in every street corner, cafe, restaurant, spa, castle, and monument. Its modern side will leave you in a whirlwind of the hottest fashions, a diverse community of more than 30 nationalities, and time-honored traditions of friendship and feasting. Being here will also impress upon you an invigorating attitude of living life to its fullest.

Go on a Central Europe travel journey through the most beautiful cities, where the greatest points of history are embraced and a beautiful and opportune future is shared. Central Europe offers a mix of surprise, indulgence, and fun that every dream vacation should have. This is the destination that will capture the little differences that warm your heart and stimulate your senses. This article will take you through the many places you’re missing, and the unique experiences of Central Europe to be had.

Budapest Travel: Magic, Majesty, and Music

Take a stroll down Culture Avenue, which takes you from the Castle District to the City Park. Along the way, you’ll come across the Hungarian National State Opera House, a work of art on the inside and out. On the roof of the building is an incredible display of sculptures of distinguished opera composers. Next, you’ll set sights on the Post Museum, Fashion Hall, and the Mai Manó House, one of Europe’s most interesting exhibitions of applied and fine art. At first, you’ll be bewildered as you notice the Time Wheel, a peculiar 24-foot hourglass contained in a granite and steel wheel. A proud Hungarian tradition, its sand flows downward all year and is ceremonially turned over each New Year at midnight.

Traveling in Budapest’s Castle District, you’ll have panoramic views of the River Danube and the iconic Chain Bridge. Visit the Buda Castle, a famous UNESCO World Heritage location with several attractions, museums, reminiscent streets, and squares. Characteristic of the city’s past in war and industrialization, the Royal Palace and Sándor Palace have been restored close to its original grandeur after the liberating siege against their Turkish rulers. Modern Budapest owes much of its success to the diligence of its Jewish community, which you can learn about at the Grand Synagogue and Jewish Museum. You can get a glimpse of their religious and artistic heritage, or partake in a traditional meal at a kosher restaurant.

Vienna Travel: Dream City of Passion and Imagination

Vienna – this Austrian capital is romantic, elegant, and filled with a supreme zest for the cultural experience on every conceivable level. It’s hard not to get lost in your own imagination as you wander down medieval alleyways and imperial squares, and gaze out at illustrious palaces, museums, culturally refined cafes, and performance halls stretching out for miles. Don’t miss taking part in a special Viennese High Noon at the Ankeruhr Clock, a mosaic ornamented clock that forms a bridge between two parts of the Anker Insurance building. During 12 hours, 12 historical characters march on the bridge in a musical parade.

For centuries, Vienna has maintained a strong association with world-famous artists. Whether you know your classical musicians well or not, you easily recognize names such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Strauss, whose legendary songs will continue to live forever. Thanks to the demanding tastes of art-loving rulers and monarchs, Vienna became the heart of artistic excellence in Europe. The Vienna Opera House has put on first-class operas such as Mozart’s “Magic Flute,” and is the home of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Berlin Travel: Embrace the Treasures of the Past and Future

A city this brassy, bold, and beautiful could never be forgotten. If your only exposure to Berlin is of the days of the notorious “Berlin Wall,” this is the opportunity of a lifetime to reshape your vision of the new city. This larger-than-life destination will take you by surprise, and you’ll be drawn by its adventurous spirit for change and all-embracing diversity. The culinary experience has reached new heights, creating a wealth of dining options beyond local German fare, covering luxury cuisines from the Far and the Middle East, Americas, France, and Italy.

Even after taking large hits from the final years of World War II, Berlin has reconstructed many of its best attractions, where you can trace historically significant people and places. Aside from indulging your appetite for food and culture, Berlin has transformed into a youthful and pulsing scene for nightlife and enjoying the arts. The memories left from its past have evolved into a grander scheme of compassion and appreciation for its extreme moods, trends, and beliefs.

If you want to take in Berlin’s extraordinary past, you’ll find its true historical center in the eastern half. The Brandenburg Gate is the most recognized landmark of all, as it was the main gathering place of celebrations following the fall of the wall in 1989. Originally a symbol of division, it now epitomizes Germany becoming whole again. Go south and see the Palast der Republik, which is the very spot where Berlin’s city palace had once stood. Traveling in western Berlin, tour the Schloss Charlottenburg, an impressive Baroque palace; Kulturforum (Culture Forum); House of World Cultures; and Olympic Stadium.

Frankfurt Travel: Indulge in Classic Culture and Apple Wine

Although Frankfurt often serves as a connection to cities on the Rhine and the rest of Europe, this destination has many exciting places to see. It has an amazing skyline to be admired at any distance and was the birthplace of Johann Wolfgang Goethe, the famous 19th-century author, and poet. You can learn all about Goethe and the lasting imprint he left on world history at the Goethe House. For a fascinating birds-eye view of the city, make your way to the observation deck of the Main Tower. In the historic Römerberg Square, you’ll find Gothic building designs remnant of 14th-century Frankfurt.

As Goethe once eloquently spoke, “Frankfurt is full of curiosities.” You’ll soon understand why, as you kick off your Frankfurt travel tour at the famous museum embankment, which is located along the south bank of the River Main. With more than 20 different museums to visit, you could enjoy the grand history and technology of cinematography inside the German Film Museum, or perhaps indulge your love for architecture and design at the progressive Applied Arts Museum. The museum row will also take you right by the water and directly into central Frankfurt’s buzzing business district.

At the end of the day, sit back with a tasty glass (or two) of apple wine at one of the rustic apple wine pubs in Sachsenhausen. During the short time, you’re here, if you’re looking to live as the Germans do, this is certainly the classic Frankfurt experience. For an evening of luxury and culture, you could attend a range of musical performances – from international string ensembles to jazz and pop – at the Alte Oper concert hall. There’s also the Batschkapp, a hopping joint for Frankfurt’s young residents, which offers a stage for musical experiments, bold trends, and parties.

There’s always more than one way to vacation in Europe. Like a long-stretching buffet, you have countless options. You can pick whether you’ll see two, three or four countries at a time; travel by plane or train; and go deep into the continent’s countryside or mountains, or live it up in the most happening cities.

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