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Quick Travel Guide | Bratislava

Out of the rocky veins of the Small Carpathians Mountains and rich soil of the Danube and Morava Rivers emerged the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava.  The city signifies everything European, uplifted by the fortifications of the impressive Bratislava Castle, while culture and history brighten the streets with their effortless glow.  It is a historic town with a modern heart, bringing people of all backgrounds together through music, cuisine, and art.  From the Stone Age era to its present-day stance as a major political and cultural center, it has remained the core of Europe’s existence, embracing the diverse languages of its ancestors, as well as celebrating the footprints left by its historians.  Bratislava, Slovakia is much more than a destination; it is an ideal place to absorb the soul of the Danube, it is a timeless adventure enriching the spirits of every drifting passenger. 

Experiencing Bratislava

For centuries Bratislava has been a city of great importance to Europe due to its strategic position on the banks of the Danube.  Its early settlers made good use of the city’s resources, driving it into the center of coin minting and trading.  As the home of the Romans, Celts, Slavs, Jews, and many other ethnic groups, Bratislava was led into periods of success and economic decline, transforming it into the sophisticated destination that exists today. 

Bratislava Castle Travel Guide
Bratislava Castle

From museums and galleries to theaters and castles, its history is preserved in a delightful fashion, awakening the desires of travelers coming from near and far.  The Devín Castle is a 9th century Renaissance masterpiece glimmering at the bottom of a cliff. The fortress is filled with legends and offers impeccable views of the Danube and Morava Rivers.  St. Michael’s Gate is one of Bratislava’s must-see attractions, displaying fascinating sceneries atop the 51-meter tower where the famous dragon-slaying statue of Archangel Michael sits.  Towering at over 40 meters high, the Slavin War Memorial represents freedom and honors the lives of the city’s brave soldiers.  St. Martin’s Cathedral is also an architectonic structure of Renaissance beauty, housing four chapels, and an astonishing early European sculpture.  Bratislava’s parks offer a softer side of the city, inviting all to frolic on their soft grass as well as bask in their beautiful surroundings.

In between exploring Bratislava’s landscape, shopping is also a great way to indulge in the city’s treasures.  Markets, outlets, malls, and boutiques make up the city’s trendy shopping atmosphere.  Shopaholics are more than welcome to visit stores like Rona and Folk-Folk for local handicrafts; while fashionistas can get their hands on the latest designer goods in Aupark Bratislava Shopping Center or Shopping Palace Zlaté Piesky.  With a cup of coffee or a tasty treat, the shopping frenzy of Bratislava is a food familiar cultural affair.  At night the city remains awake as boisterous music from local nightspots fills the air.

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