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Best Things to Do in Cannes

Lights…Camera…Action!  Welcome to a world of glitz and glam. A location where the stars are given the red carpet treatment, and where cultures collide causing a melting pot of rich contrasts.  Cannes, France is a striking destination brightened by the flashes of shutterbugs capturing every inch of its beauty.  Highly praised for being the ‘capital of cinema’, the city is home to the legendary Cannes Film Festival, a celebration of movies as well as upcoming artists in an authentic French style.  So join in on the adventures that Cannes has in store, and embark on a remarkable journey through the fascinations of one of France’s most priceless jewels as its idyllic splendor sweeps you off your feet.

Experiencing Cannes

The city of Cannes is situated in the Provence-Alpes- Cote- d’Azur region of the French Riviera.  It entertains the likes of the rich and famous while magically drawing a multitude of tourists with its world-class festivals, shopping, and attractions, too extraordinary to be missed.  With the Lérins Islands at its doorstep and the Mediterranean at its feet, Cannes authentically brings sanctity in the midst of its bustling streets.  The colorful boats beautifully dot along the Cannes Bay as its history remains preserved in its iconic landmarks like the Cannes Castle.  The city will leave you dazzled by its wide spectrum of highlights and breathless by the ghostly appearances of its classic antiques.  The Notre Dame Esperance Church stands proudly in architectural magnificence, while the Cannes Beach invites sunbathers and swimmers to enjoy its barefoot luxuries.  The Maritime Museum is also a compelling look into history with its exhibitions of Roman ruins, murals, as well as a prison.


No visit to Cannes would be sufficient without partaking in its vibrant shopping atmosphere.  The city’s districts are densely decorated with stores bursting at the seams with chic designer trends and souvenirs fit for the bill.  Head to Shopping à la Bocca or Marché Gambetta to explore France’s unbeatable fashions only fingertip away.  If you are ready to party, then Cannes’ night scene is the place to be.  Its discos are filled with socialites dancing to popular hits with their favorite drinks in hand.  Visit hotspots like Le Charly’s Bar, Le Dadada, or Le Night for a chance to rub elbows with locals. 

Wining and dining in Cannes means indulging in the authenticity of French cuisine.  From casual to chic, beachfront restaurants to bars, there is a taste that will appeal to any taste bud.  So bring your appetites and enjoy a feast of foods like croutons, truffles, veal shank, and zucchini cooked for you by Cannes’ skilled chefs.

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