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Quick Travel Guide | Bangor

Rich with culture, the North Down Museum in Bangor is a historical treasure chest filled with precious jewels dating back to the Stone Age. The numerous rooms are elaborately decorated with many ancient artifacts, paintings, and carvings relating to Ireland’s historic civilization. North Down Museum is also a celebration of prominent figures and serves as an open history book filled with pages of remarkable stories. It invites visitors to a world where they can marvel at unique findings and learn about different events, which has made a profound stamp on Bangor’s fascinating heritage. This museum is an example of why Bangor, Northern Ireland is the perfect destination. With such an interesting background, the town is an iconic symbol of a prevalent society bursting with thrills and culture.

Experiencing Bangor

Bangor is a large town and seaside resort located in Northern Ireland. It has become one of Ireland’s main tourist destinations because of its impressive Marina, appealing landmarks, and activities appealing to both children and adults. From the historical monuments and beautiful gardens to the adventures in the marina, you cannot escape the different facades of culture that can be found lurking on almost every corner. Decorated with ancient gravestones, the Bangor Abbey stands as a memoir of the Viking attacks and school of the monks.

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Surrounded by a picturesque garden the Bangor Castle is a majestic display of architecture that houses the headquarters of the North Down Borough Council. Completed in 1907, the Grey Point Fort is preserved military instruments such as guns, uniforms, and radios used during significant historical events such as the Titanic and World War I and II. Along with the numerous iconic sites, tourists can also sail the calm waters of the Bangor Marina to catch coastal views of Bangor’s beautiful landscape.

Bangor Shopping

The shopping experience of Bangor should not be missed. The vibrant streets are painted with boutiques and stores filled with genuine Irish fashions and souvenirs. Bangor Market is a popular open market offering colorful fruits and vegetables as well as other fresh products. The Flagship and Bloomfield Centres offer a plethora of unique shops that are populated with merchandise specifically found in Ireland. By night the town transforms into a social scene where locals and tourists mingle over glasses of wine and dance the night away in the craic atmosphere to traditional Irish tunes and popular hits.

Bangor Food

From authentic Irish delicacies to international temptations, there is an abundance of delicious foods in Bangor. Local eateries offer the best place to soak in the gorgeous ambiance and sink your teeth into mouthwatering cuisine from pizza and burgers to salmon, creamed potatoes, scampi pea purée, and lamb and beef specialties. With such a variety of delectable cuisines, any food connoisseur will be pleased. The gastronomical experience of Bangor is a cultural phenomenon and the quaint restaurants cordially invite you to indulge in such delectable feasts in an enjoyable setting.

Bangor Weather

Bangor experiences a mild temperate climate. In the warm season the temperature averages from the 70s to as high as the 90s. In the cold season, the weather fluctuates between the mid-40s and low 60s with little to no snowfall.

Bangor Transportation

Located in the town center, Bangor Station services train rides to all various destinations in Northern Ireland. From Belfast, Central passengers can connect to Dublin and other locations along the southern border. To visit Bangor’s sites, there are a variety of tours that travel to some of the city’s places of interest. Car rentals are also available for tourists who prefer to sightsee at their own pace. The streets of Bangor provide the perfect atmosphere to take a quiet stroll and soak in the beautiful weather.

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