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What Are We Up To?

Exploring Bangka

Bangka Island attracts many people to its turquoise sea and fascinating sites.  Since the island achieved its first group of settlers, it has mastered at becoming a cultural paradise filled with exotic treasures.  The orange sunset is the perfect backdrop as you feel the sand between your toes and listen to the majestic waves crash upon the shore.  With such a unique atmosphere, you cannot help but notice the natural beauty and tranquility that prevails throughout the island’s charming landscape.  Bangka Island, Indonesia is an ideal location to relax and enjoy nature’s wonders.  It is a cultural destination providing the perfect combinations of land and sea.

Experiencing Bangka

The shopping experience of Bangka is quite unique and they are decorated with “made in Bangka Island” souvenirs carved from local materials.  The island is well known for its craftsmanship of popular products such as woven and silk fabrics, jewelry, and pipes.  Since it is a great manufacturer of tin, you will also be able to find skillful handicrafts that are strategically made out of tin and pewter such as ashtrays and ships.  Don’t miss the opportunity to observe the rhythmic movements of the sacred Sepintu Sedulang and Lion dance.  However, during the Lion dance, dancers are believed to be under a magical spell.

Bangka Island

Bangka experiences a tropical rainforest climate.  The weather is typically wet and dry.  During the warm season (August- September) the temperatures range between the low 90s and 70s.  In the cold season (December- February) the weather averages from a high in the 80s to the low 70s.

Bangka (originated from the word Wangka meaning tin) is one of the islands that make up the Bangka-Belitung province in Indonesia. Inhabited with approximately 600,000 people, much of the island’s population is made up of different ethnicities that enjoy fishing, hunting, and farming. This island is also home to Pangkal Pinang, which is the capital of the Bangka-Belitung province.  Bangka is often referred to as the “Tin Island” because it is an important producer of tin called bankatin as well as pepper and rubber.  With such a profound history, Bangka is also a destination rich with iconic attractions. From the top of a mountain, the Pemali Open Pit Tin Mine can be seen in all its glory.  Built-in 1932, the guesthouse of Mount Menumbung was once home to the island’s banished president and vice president.  Visit the Muntok Tin Smelter and learn about how the infamous bankatin is made. Capture a bird’s eye view of Bangka Island’s beautiful scenery and climb the 199 steps of the Tanjung Kelian Old Lighthouse.  For tourists in dire need of relaxation, the Pemali Hot Springs offers a hot pool where you can soak all your stress away with striking backdrops of the surrounding park. Painted gold and white sand, calm blue waters, and giant palm trees, its picturesque beaches provide the perfect scenery for leisure.

Bangka Food

The gastronomy of Bangka Island is filled with culinary temptations.  Its traditional specialties are influenced by its multicultural settlers and flavored with local ingredients and spices such as red peppers, garlic, and shallots.  Foods like noodles, potatoes, eggs, and seafood are commonly found on the menus of the local restaurants.  Bangka’s natives also enjoy sweet treats that are typically made from fruits grown on the islands like coconuts and bananas.  Also, savor the tastes of the island’s signature drinks such as Tew Fu Sui (soy milk) and Arak (an alcoholic beverage).

Bangka Transportation

There are different forms of transportation in Bangka.  Ferries are accessible to reach Muntok from Sumatera Island and Palembang. Ferries from Pangkal Balam Harbor are also available for travel to Jakarta, Palembang, and Belitung Island. Local angkots (buses) in Pangkal Pinang service the Ramayana market. However, tourists may find it easier to rent a car to visit the island’s different sites since most of the public transportation is not located near the tourist attractions.

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