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3 Tips for a Safe Ride Sharing Experience

Ridesharing apps such as Uber and Lyft have been incredible in shaping how we get around. For a price less than that of a taxi ride, you can pull out your phone and get a ride from someone who’s been properly vetted. However, safety precautions still need to be put in place when using these services. These tips will help you stay safe when ride sharing.

Get Picky About Your Driver

Get Picky About Your Driver

When you request a ride and a driver is selected, you should check out what kind of feedback they’ve received. Drivers are given a star rating, and you can also see how many rides they’ve given. The requirements of these apps mean that anyone who is universally panned will be revoked of their driving privileges, but you still need to make sure you’re getting a quality ride. If there are certain things you value, such as polite conversation and a good sense of direction, check for those qualities in reviews. According to Venture Beat, you should also provide feedback for your rides, positive and negative so that other riders know what to look out for.

Be Careful Who You Share What With

Engaging in friendly banter is one of the best parts of using rideshare apps, but you have to be careful about what you disclose. Personal information, such as the status of your marriage or employment, should be kept private. Don’t disclose anything private, nothing you would share with family/friends either. You also don’t want to risk getting into the wrong car. According to Winer, Burritt & Tillis LLP, you should make sure you ask for your driver’s name and who they’re picking up before confirming your name to them. Check the name and license plate listed on the app and make sure it matches up.

Trust Your Instincts

Sometimes, intuition can be your best friend when it comes to keeping safe. According to Lim College, if a driver approaches to pick you up and there are any misgivings you have, it’s your absolute right to refuse the ride. You don’t need to come up with any kind of elaborate excuse. Just politely decline and find another ride. If you’re worried about safety, you might ask a friend to ride with you. Should there be no danger posed, you can gradually adapt to taking rides yourself. Be sure to express any concerns about a driver and their demeanor to the company.

Ridesharing has become a part of our culture, but it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to be aware of. Having discretion for your rides don’t make you unreasonable. It shows that you value your safety and overall riding experience. Keep each of these in mind to have your experiences with ride-sharing be as enjoyable as possible.

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