Travel Packages

How do I schedule a call or appointment?

Use my scheduler found at https://www.calendly.com/k3travel

What information do you need from me to start planning my vacation?

You can use the scheduler link above to schedule a quick “Right-Fit Call” to determine your needs and if I am the right fit for you and your needs. You may also complete this form to provide additional information if you do not have time for a call at this time use the Travel Planning Questionnaire.

Do children need passports?

Yes! Every person, even an infant, must have his/her own passport to fly to a foreign destination. Make sure you check the expiration date on your children’s passports because they expire in five years if the child was 15 or under when his passport was issued. Some countries have instituted requirements to help prevent child abductions and may require travelers to present proof of relationship to the children and evidence of consent from any non-accompanying parent(s). See child abduction country information pages for information about your destination.

Should I change my name before traveling on my Honeymoon?

I can understand how romantic it sounds to use your brand new last name on your honeymoon. However, You must travel under the name on your passport. Usually that is your maiden name, so use that for your airline ticket. Your name on your airline ticket must match the name on your passport exactly. Once you arrive at your honeymoon destination, people will be happy to address you both as Mr. and Mrs. “Newlywed”. When you return and have the time, you can apply to have your name changed on your passport. Should you choose to change the name on your passport prior to traveling, please be sure to advise me of what your name will be exactly as it appears on your passport at the time we are booking your trip.

Why should I book with you as opposed to an online travel website?

K3 Travel Group, LLC is a certified woman-owned small business which means personalized attention. I am not affiliated with any hotels, cruise lines or any other travel product. It is my goal to understand your specific needs so that I may customize an itinerary specific to you. As your personal Advisor, I want to take the fear of planning out of your mind so that you may focus on your dream vacation.